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We feature the very best comments made on our site!

We feature the very best comments made on our site!

Edit: we’ve made some changes to this article to protect the anonymity of our writers – you probably won’t even notice!

Ever since its founding in 1868, Campus Rag has been committed to the principles of democracy and the power of the people. It’s in the spirit of our revolutionary forefathers that we’re today announcing the start of a new regular feature of Campus Rag – ‘the Comment Spotlight’.

From today onwards, the best and brightest of our readers will have a chance to have their moment in the spotlight, as we’ll be taking the very best of your comments and featuring them in our new community engagement idea.

For our first ever ‘Comment Spotlight’, we’ve got two fantastic comments that you should read right now!

In response to our article ‘I’ve been outed as a FetSoc member to other FetSoc members and I’m upset’, TheHardTruth writes:

You’re clearly an attention whore, hence the rabbit mask and now further outing yourself with a printed mask. If you’d just gone to Fetsoc every week like normal, not one fuck would have been given. Now you leap on this opportunity to cause drama. No fucking surprise.

No one fucking cares which societies you’re in, you fuckwit.

Thank you for writing in, TheHardTruth, and thank you for your amazing comment! We’ve passed your message on to [REDACTED], and [REDACTED]‘s been unable to stop the veritable river of tears all day! Wow!

Meanwhile, on ‘Wizard’s Test Post’ (which you shouldn’t be able to see, and frankly I’m not convinced that anyone actually has seen, I’m pretty good with the internet), Mouse wrote:

We can [see the post]…

Well, Mouse, thank you for your feedback but I don’t believe you. If by chance, however, what you’re saying is accurate, could anyone please leave a comment on this post to let me know how to make it so no-one can see that post? I really don’t understand what’s going on here, please tell me exactly how to hide a post in WordPress – again, I’m pretty sure no-one has seen this post, but just to be absolutely clear please tell me how to make it so no-one could see it. Thanks.

Well, those are all the comments we have so far, but they were fantastic! Let’s hope we see some more high-calibre, cylinder-pumping comments over the course of the next week so that we can feature them on our next ‘Comment Spotlight’!


I am the wizard, computer genius and the creator of this website. Please, please, please stop hacking my account.

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