Freshers! Take our crossword now!

Print and complete our crossword to win signed Campus Rag memorabilia!

Hey, freshers!

At Campus Rag we know Freshers’ Week is an extremely exciting affair, but don’t worry, it’s not over yet! You still haven’t finished the Campus Rag Freshers’ Crossword. Print it out, fill it in, take a picture on your phone, upload and comment and leave us details to get in touch with you and how we can deliver your prize and we’ll give you some signed Campus Rag crap!

Note: a few errors might have slipped past our editors, nothing that should break the crossword though!

2) YUSU President (12)
4) YUSU ratified broadsheet newspaper. (6)
7) Third biggest name on campus. (10)
9) Creator of Campus Rag. (6)
10) Sound of the summer. (10)
12) YUSU ratified tabloid newspaper. (5)

1) Don’t eat these! (13)
3) “You’re clearly an attention whore” – ‘x’ (12)
5) Off for a cheeky ‘x’ (7)
6) Best nightclub in York! (6)
8) Lizard people influencing campus. (10)
11) Kinky society! (6)

Ashley Reed

My name is Ashley Reed. My hobbies include colouring in, student journalism and making small towers out of cardboard and elastic bands.

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