New College Football Season or something

I’ve heard there’s some kind of football event, but I don’t really care.

Very soon you’ll be hearing an awful lot about football at Uni, and you’ll probably be hearing about it for the rest of the year. Until summer. Then you’ll hear about real football, from your friends, your family and from pricks on the telly too.

Personally, I hate football. I don’t even understand why I’ve been forced to write this article, but I’m one of the very few writers we actually have on this site so I guess sometimes I have to take one for the team. I’m not happy about it, though, and I hope that we get someone who actually cares soon. I swear, I’ll just quit if I have to do this again.

Here’s the story; college football is starting up again, and there’s some money involved. I think that the winning team probably wins something and it all starts like right now. Ish. I didn’t really look this up.

Grace Clarke is in charge of sports, right? Is she going to give the prize this year? Could someone just like, explain this whole thing in the comments? I’ll update the article if you send me the real story.

“If you love football like I do, you’ll love College Football this year!” – Joshua Kerr

Thanks to Raine Hedge for coming up with this fucking article idea and then causing me to be forced to write this absolute shite. Thanks. So much. Really.

Ashley Reed

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