Paper butterflies miraculously cure depression

Who would have thought that self-care advice lazily scrawled on a piece of paper and posted all around campus would have such an effect?

A recent initiative to spread paper butterflies offering tips on coping with mental health issues has been found to completely cure all known disorders and problems. The butterflies, posted against the advice of the mental health charities Mind and Nightline as well as various trained psychiatrists, has proven to be a blessing in disguise when York students were found to be completely free of any and all issues.

One student said “It was incredible! I’ve been suffering from some pretty serious bi-polar disorder since secondary school, but once that butterfly told me to get a coffee with friends and eat a more balanced diet I suddenly felt fine!” Another told us that “as soon as I read that getting more sleep would help with my anxiety disorder, I perked right up!”

Mental health professionals across the York are racing to deploy similar measures in YSJ and public spaces in the city centre. “Following this shock success, we’ve looking into installing loudspeakers outside the train station to play Always Look on the Bright Side of Life,” Dr. Richard Leicester told us, “We’ve also based our updated therapy sessions around eating tubs of ice cream and watching Sister Act.”

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