Outrage after Feminist Society member holds opinion

The University of York’s Feminist Society has come under fire since ratification for its cult of personality and ‘dissapearing’ of male members.

Those naughty feminists have been at it again!

Not satisfied with last term’s ‘Castration For All’ campaign, which – contrary to its tagline – saw feminists run rampant specifically targeting male university students with their manhood-wrecking scalpels, Feminist Society member Ng Dyke has this week espoused a controversial opinion concerning gender equality.

“It’s simply outrageous”, said second year physics student and George Lawlor lookalike John Sandwich, “Why is it that when I call a woman a slut or attack her, it’s misogyny and I get kicked out – but if a woman says she feels unsafe around me I also get kicked out? This is an obvious example of the double standards of feminism.”

The opinion, which has been decried by men and women that aren’t like other women, was expressed on the Feminist Society’s facebook page last night, and has already been liked 73 times – with an impressive 34 comments.

“I completely disagree”, wrote commenter I Manatee, “This is exactly the problem with feminism. It’s so impenetrable for men. How can you expect to get anywhere if you completely alienate half of the population? Consider that men hold most positions of power. You need to appeal to us.”

The comment was promptly deleted by the anarcho-fascist commie feminist overlords.

The Feminist Society isn’t a stranger to controversy. It’s hard to forget the calamity two years ago, when YUSU President Kallum Taylor called a ‘State of Campus Address’ after six disappearances of male ‘FemSoc’ members in one term. As the society wasn’t ratified at the time, President Taylor was unable to force FemSoc to account for the missing students, though it is reported he sent several forceful facebook messages and recommended that people attend the closely monitored Women’s Network instead.

One of the students lost was eventually discovered in the local Waterstones. The group responsible for finding him described his state to Nouse, claiming he had grown out his hair, become pale and malnourished and could only repeat the phrase ‘Fear no more the heat o’ the sun, nor the furious winter’s rages.’

These are scary times indeed.

Have you had a run-in with the members of FemSoc and want to talk about it? Maybe you just hate feminists in general? Why not post it down in the comments! The best comments will be featured in our regular Comment Spotlight segment.

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  1. Outraged Feminist Overlady says:

    Excuse me?! OverLORDs?! What kind of cishetero-partiarchal bullshit?! I shall be suggesting to femsoc a boycott of Campus Rag and all its contributors. Expect to hear from us shortly.

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