Happy Birthday, Ben Leatham!

Happy birthday Ben Leatham!

We at Campus Rag are all wishing you the best on this special occasion. And it’s not just us, either! YUSU President Kallum Taylor was on the phone to us today, and he had the following to say:

Ben, I’ve always seen you as my protégé, and I’m so excited about what the future might hold for you. As well as President, I’ve entertained notions of you as the future Mr. Taylor. 

Wow! Be sure to invite us to the stag, hen or animal of indeterminate status of your choice do.

But wait – before you go! Blow out the candles and we’ll sing our special College Team Worship song!

Save us, oh College President; mighty champion of Derwent. Bring us joy, bring us laughter, bring us heads on a platter. Watch over your College Team, your STYCs and your freshers. Keep us in your hearts, our great College Boss, though we may ne’er cross. Love us, Ben Leatham. We love you, always.



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