How to keep your bikini body now the clocks are going back

The clocks are going back – and that could mean disaster for your body. Read on to find out how to keep your hot bod until time goes forwards again!

Winter is fast approaching and the clocks are going back which means every right minded woman is thinking: what about my bikini body? Help! Thousands of you have spent the entire summer working on your bodies and now clocks are creeping in ready to turn back time and thus all the hard work you’ve done. Those hands are just going to spin right into the past, when you were half a stone heavier. Remember in July when you chose low fat spread? Useless! You might as well have digested an entire buffalo made of Spanish cheese.

We consulted experts to find out the best ways to keep that summer body in these harsh cold months. Three top industry professionals offered their advice. Jodie Power, a CEO consultant from swears by swallowing her watch every third Sunday. Madge Muscle, Head of Liaisons at BodsBodsBods.bods always shuns tic tacs and instead lives off a diet of tic tocks! Barbara, a hedgehog, says hibernate through to next summer and start again.

The clocks are going back, but the dial on the scales sure isn’t!

Don’t have the time to follow our experts’ advice? A quick shortcut to your ideal No Clocks Summer Body has been sent in by blogger Katie. Katie has found that turning your clocks forwards instead of backwards works every time. However this has provoked some controversy, with Jodie Power speaking out against this method, saying

‘Recommending this is wholly irresponsible. You’ve got to be completely trained and careful enough not to turn them too far. It is a very delicate business. We’ve had reports of women going all the way past Christmas, and finding they had to exercise off a full English roast pudding they’d never even eaten! The risks are not worth the payoff. ’

Do you have any tips for keeping the weight off over the winter months? Maybe you’ve tried some of ours’ already? Write a comment down below to weigh in on this debate.

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