Shamed: my only kink is kink-shaming, but FetSoc still banned me

You didn’t think you’d heard the last of me, did you?

I am a pervert. I’ll admit that here and now. I only have the one fetish but it’s a big one for me. Nothing else can quite get me off.  What is it you ask? Leather? Bondage? Going to clubs where people wee on each other? Covering myself in Vaseline, lying in a flowerbed and indulging in “slug play”?

No, no nothing of the sort! I am a kink-shamer. I get off on shaming other people for their kinks. I may be a bit of a perv, but everybody else’s kinks are weirder than than mine and I am going to tell them exactly that!

As far as I’m concerned, there is only one true way to be kinky…and that is to shame other people for it!

When I joined the University of York’s Fetish society, I thought that my not-so-secret little perversion would be tolerated and accepted. How wrong I was!

People were very open and tolerant about all the disgusting things they were into. However they soon got less tolerant when I started prodding them with cutlery and singing “masochists are mingers who aren’t good at paperwork” and throwing my drinks at the rubber fetishists because their clothes were “too shiny” (they weren’t but I did it anyway!).

Eventually the chair of FetSoc took me outside and told me I was banned. This isn’t the standard procedure for banning people, but admittedly I did tell her that she looked a bit like a dolphin when she was clearly dressed as a cat. I think that might’ve been the last straw.

Anyway, I feel thoroughly upset and kink-shamed over all of this. It’s treating people with respect gone mad! I thought FetSoc stood by the mantra of “Your kink is not my kink but your kink is okay”. Clearly not for people like me. But it’s okay, I’ll get my kicks elsewhere. I’m going to start up a Free Speech society where I can kink shame people to my hearts content.

Have you had any bad experiences with the University of York’s own fetish foundation? Or are you proud of your involvement? Write in the comments below, and we promise we’ll read them.


I'm somewhat of a controversial figure, but no-one knows who I am.

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