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Our new feature – learn style tips from our fashionistas at Campus Rag!

This week’s Get The Look is from Eleanor, 21, York. We love her layered autumn style! She’s like a fashionable Viennetta. Here she’s gone for a classic burnt-amber-leaf-falling-into-pumpkin-spiced-latte-made-of-cosy-knitted-wool vibe. So atmospheric!

Scarf: H&M because she had a leftover voucher from her birthday.
Dress: Swapped it for a can of Lilt.
Head necklace: Authentic Indian purchase. Bought for £2.99 on her gap year from a holidaymaker at the airport who sounded like he was from Preston.
Subverted instrument: Models own.

How can you end up like Eleanor? Here’s what she told us:

I’d describe my style as street blogger independent. I like to take photos on my DCIM camera with the DICK setting on high luminosity profile. It’s how you get the best lens contrast.’

She openly admits to being part of a wider movement of urban bloggers rising up, as she believes fashion comes from the people. She has therefore agreed to let our readers into her style secrets as part of our DIY corner.

Get The Look DIY Corner: The Green Diamond Necklace

Don’t spend thousands of pounds on this seasons most fashionable accessory! The Green Diamond necklace is a statement piece you can easily make at home. Achieve this easy look using whatever old carbon source you have lying around!

  1. Put your carbon source in a high temperature area. An airing cupboard would work.
  2. The area also needs to be high pressure, so maybe give it an essay deadline.
  3. Sink your airing cupboard to depths of 140 to 190 kilometres (87 to 118 miles) into the Earth’s mantle. Make sure you have a free afternoon, as this could be a little time consuming.
  4. The growth of your carbon source should occur over a period of 1 billion to 3.3 billion years so it’s important to keep checking.
  5. Once you have your diamonds, grab whatever shade of old, acrylic green paint you have lying around and give the rock a new lease of life.
  6. Attach the stones to the wire as demonstrated in the image above.

Are you an aspiring fashion icon with some tips of your own? Perhaps you’d like to thank our visiting guru Eleanor for her tips? Stick them in the comments below!

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