We should dissolve YUSU. Also, I hate trans people.

I’m just not sure it’s going in the right direction.

I think I speak for literally the entire student community when I say that I have no confidence in YUSU and that we should dissolve the union.

Guys, we’ve just had an election with only 3,532 (that’s nowhere near half the student population!) votes cast for president. A measly turnout, and to make it even worse somehow we’ve elected a woman! One of my mates from the newly created York Free Speech & Racists & Transphobes & Disablists & NUS Disaffiliation & Willow Appreciation Society (YFSRTDNDWA (yu-fus-rut-dund-wah) Society for short) even told me that she isn’t 100% sold on either side of the no-platforming debate!

This is a total outrage, and a perfect example of just how undemocratic YUSU is. YUSU is run by the 1% of free-speech hating, man-castrating, cisphobic authoritarians that plague this university. Also, I really hate trans people, but that’s got nothing to do with this debate.

I looked for a trans student at the university with an opinion to target for harassment and I found this from the former editor, no less:

Maybe you should take a vow of silence if you don’t want to be torn apart in student media all the time? I contacted Ashley for an explanation of what exactly she means by this tweet and to ask if she’d provide a quote for this article, but she just declined to comment and ordered me never to talk to her again. What a devious little censor in the making! I’ll have to quote your tweets in every article from now on.

Anyway, now that we’re done with the mandatory denunciation of a trans person that every article needs to have we can get back on with the main business of the article.

I and the others from YFSRTDNDWA Society have created the campaign ‘No2YUSU’ to ensure that the minority of students who are white, able-bodied, cis, straight and male have complete dominance over the university. Obviously, the only way we can achieve this is by dissolving the union and forming a new order from the ashes. A vigilante movement composed of only the biggest and best men will become our new representation and campaigns group, and we will divide into college-level ‘tribes’ to ensure students from all around campus have enough of a voice and enough sticks to throw at trans people.

And we should definitely do this right now, right in the middle of a massive transphobic harassment drama, right in the middle of the exam period and just before we all leave. There is definitely nothing silly about having the debate right now. And we aren’t transphobic!

Okay, well, I am, but ‘we’ aren’t.

I’ve lost my train of thought a bit, but if you also believe in vigilante justice and hate trans people then make sure to come along to the YUSU AGM today at 5:15PM (soon!) in YourSpace and join us in proposing that we dissolve the union!


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  1. Anonymous says:

    I get that this article was born out of an intense frustration at York’s liberal students, rather than being a genuine reflection of the author’s beliefs! As an impartial observer who can see both sides of this cat-fight that’s going on at the moment, I’ve got to admit that it seems to me as if both parties are at fault; neither side is trying to understand the other’s point of view. The liberals are mass-denouncing everybody who holds a view different to their as a transphobe/homophobe/mysoginistic bigot, and the non-liberals are mass-denouncing all liberals as hysterical free-speech hating totalitarians. I don’t think you shouldn’t be allowed to write articles like this, and I completely understand why you would write angry/sarcastic articles about it; I’m just weary of all this fighting and throwing of insults rather than rational debate. I’m also aware that every time each side makes a statement or article like this, it just increases the rift between the two sides, and makes it harder for them to communicate and resolve their issues! The liberals are now going to pick up on this article, and get outraged, and then they’ll make some kind of statement back, and then the non-liberals will get outraged… it’s just descending into a bunch of monkies throwing their shit at each other. Please could we all try out a little human interaction, some empathising and debate, and try to see the other side’s view?

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