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Welcoming words from our administrator

The Wizard in 1868 (left), and The Wizard in 2020 (right)
Left Wizard image by GraphicMama-team from Pixabay, Right Wizard image by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay, Troll image by Wolfgang Eckert from Pixabay, Field photo by Sean Musil on Unsplash, Outhouse photo by Photo by Tim Foster on Unsplash

Hidely-ho, fiddle-de-dee, and a joyous welcome back to thee! Yes, you may have noticed, Campus Rag is back!

Some of you may be wondering, but, where did Campus Rag go? Well, to refresh you, in 2016 our editor Ashley Reed was kicked off of the team at the annual Campus Rag elections and replaced by the ever controversial Frank the Rabbit.

Frank’s tenure was short and highly eventful, ending in a botched run for President of the University of York’s Students Union. Some believed Campus Rag was actually breaking the law with some of its publications around this time, and as it turned out the courts agreed!

In 2017, Campus Rag was sadly shut down as a result of a legal action we are not permitted to talk about, but hey! The past’s the past as they say, and we’d never let a little thing like libel, privacy violation, borderline hate speech or a complete lack of integrity and professional standards impede our continued output!

With all that out of the way, welcome back! My magic apprentices and I have been working hard to restore the website to its original state, but please bare with us if not all of our previous content is yet accessible. We’ll get there!

But that’s not all! In addition to the archive of articles being restored, we’ll also be offering new articles from writers you may remember as well as some totally fresh faces! Ashley has been reinstated as editor and in line with her Trotskyite dogmatic ideological crusade, we’ve abandoned our democratic structure. Say bye bye to inconsistency! From here on out, Campus Rag is going to be back to its good old self!

Of course, Ashley and our other writers are no longer actually at university, per se, so we’ve decided to rebrand ourselves as Off Campus Rag. You can expect to see news, advice, opinion and up to date coverage written to the highest student journalistic standards – not for, by or about students! Hooray!

That’s all from me. I’ve left some space below for our former & current contributors to say a few words. If you’re a former contributor and you’d like to say something, go to the contact tab above and get in touch!

-The Wizard

A word from our editor, Ashley Reed

Ashley in 2015 (left), and Ashley in 2020 (right)

Hi everyone! I’m so excited to be working on Campus Rag again! I’m so hype to be writing top 10 lists again, and putting little pictures at the top of articles and correcting people’s spelling mistakes. It’s so much fun!

While obviously time has passed and Off Campus Rag will have a different focus to before, I hope we can get back to our roots and produce the kind of fun, light hearted but still very informative content that we’re known and loved for! Working on Campus Rag was the best time of my life, but this time I just know it’s going to be even better!

That’s all I really have to say! Welcome back everyone!


An apology from former editor, Frank the Rabbit

Frank in 2015 (left), and Frank in 2020 (right)

Hello, and welcome back. Yes, it’s my fault Campus Rag got shut down. I’m sorry. I won’t do it again. I’ve had a long time to reflect upon my actions, and I realise now that I was never cut out for student leadership. I should have stuck to writing what I know, and that’s exactly what I’ll do from now on.

I also realise some of my opinions in the past were, perhaps, a little out of touch with reality and and as such I’ve been reading books on feminism, gender studies and politics by important writers such as Caitlyn Moran & Robert Webb. I now understand that it’s important to campaign for women’s rights as well as men’s, that fascism is a loser ideology, and that The Right Honourable Viscountess Astor deserves to be the new face of the fifty pound note.

I have worked hard to solve my personal issues with therapy and mindfulness, and as atonement for my previous sins I will strive to be better when I write going forwards.



I am the wizard, computer genius and the creator of this website. Please, please, please stop hacking my account.

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