Labour leadership profile: Ed Miliband

Remixed Photo of Ed Miliband courtesy of UK Parliament under CC BY 3.0 –, Louis George Café font by Chen Yining

Name & Title: Edward Samuel Miliband

Age: 50

Slogan: ‘Hell yes I’m tough enough’

Key policies:

  • Labour needs to stand for clear ideals and values that everyone can understand, but our new, new Labour mustn’t confuse anyone by being too different from the New Labour of old; I’m trying to say that if young people are to be inspired to get involved in politics, they have to believe that Labour means something, and they have to know what that thing is
  • In other regards, I’ll just run Labour exactly how I did from 2010 to 2015

Previous jobs: I was briefly a researcher for the Channel 4 programme A Week in Politics, but I was quickly snapped up by Harriet Harman as her policy researcher and speechwriter. From there it was mostly all politics, from an adviser to Gordon Brown to HM Treasury; a cabinet minister for New Labour to finally leader of the party itself. I have great experience being leader of the party, and I know I would do a bloody terrific job, if you’ll excuse my crudeness.

Tell us a bit about yourself: I am the youngest, freshest candidate in this race. I am down with the kids, dare I even mention my #Milifandom? I’m more beloved than Justin Bieber. I’m a popular face about the House and I know the ins and outs of politics. I’m very relatable. When I lived in America I loved watching American sitcoms like All That Glitters and Hello Larry. What I’m trying to say is that I’m a down to earth, normal guy.

What makes you different from the other candidates? A vote for me would be a breath of fresh air for the Labour Party. We need a young, energetic leader who’ll appeal to young people but not offend the ordinary voter. I believe that I would lead the party to victory.

How will you fix Labour’s electoral misfortunes? I’ll be very careful not to eat in public this time. I’m fairly sure that’s why I lost in the 2015 election. I doubt I’d need to do anything else differently.

Any last words? I’m competent, respectable and tough enough to win. Vote Ed Miliband if you want to see Labour succeed.

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