Labour leadership profile: Ralph Miliband

Name & Title: Ralph Miliband

Age: 96

Slogan: ‘Let’s demolish the broad church’

Key policies:

  • An end to the broad church or big tent approach to politics: the Labour party must lead by radical example
  • We must continue the work of Jeremy Corbyn to inspire the young and the working class to lead themselves
  • A revolutionary vision for the party, abandoning the ideology of parliamentarianism and embracing real change

Previous jobs: Ralph was born in Belgium in 1924 and fled to Britain to escape persecution from the Nazis. He served in our Royal Navy for three years, intercepting German communications and eventually participating in the Normandy landings in 1944. He had a long career as an academic and a writer, and has been described as “one of the best-known academic Marxists of his generation.” Ralph has been out of the spotlight for some time, but with a young and enthusiastic campaign team he is ready to step up to the plate and fight for a brighter future again.

Tell us a bit about yourself:

Disclaimer: The following statements were written by Ralph Miliband’s campaign team.

Ralph is an amazing, inspiring socialist and he embodies everything our team believes Labour should stand for. Sure, he wasn’t a member until just a few weeks ago, but can you hold that against him? The Parliamentary Labour Party has completely abandoned its working class base. So many young people feel completely disenfranchised and the Labour Party needs to stand up and say that people’s livelihoods and futures are being taken away from them, and we will do something about it.

What makes you different from the other candidates? Ralph is the only candidate in this race who stands for real Labour values. Don’t be fooled by Sir Keir’s faux-socialist veneer; you cannot trust a man who claims to care about the working class but has been very happy to see thousands of young, working class and black people sent to prison. Ed would drag us back into the Labour dark age, and that’s to say nothing of the extreme damage the other unthinkably awful candidates would do to our Party.

How will you fix Labour’s electoral misfortunes? Ralph will continue Jeremy’s fine work of campaigning on issues that matter to the disadvantaged in our society. We believe that right now we need continuity; that we need to advance on the work of the last five years, not throw it away. We believe in Ralph, and we believe in what Ralph’s Labour could be.

Any last words? Every other candidate in this race has embraced decay and pessimism. Ralph has offered us a new way forward, and we need to take it. Vote for Ralph, not for his disappointing sons or any of the other terrible candidates.

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